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02/10/2020 - High-performance tungsten containing nanopowders and polymer-based functional additives for industrial applications
17/08/2020 - Acceleration programme on industry 4.0 through an open innovation platform that connects startups with forefront companies in the advanced manufacturing, energy, healthcare and agri-food sectors.
17/08/2020 - Romanian SME specialised in providing integrated multi-material packaging services, is looking for a manufacturing or outsourcing agreements.
23/07/2020 - Novel air-conditioning hose system for aircraft cabin maintenance
04/06/2020 - A Polish company is looking for a partner interested in commercializing a technology for producing plasticizers/ softening compound with the use of plastic waste
02/06/2020 - Transformación de desechos biológicos urbanos en plástico biodegradable
02/06/2020 - Piezas de automóviles ligeras de origen vegetal para lograr una industria automovilística más ecológica
28/04/2020 - A Portuguese technological research centre offers its Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) – manufacturing technology for metal components
06/04/2020 - A Polish company from environmental protection sector is looking for distributors of anti-odor filters and oil separators
20/03/2020 - Russian manufacturer of a spare wheel fastener is looking for distributors
16/03/2020 - Empresa Comercializadora de Productos de Alta Tecnología y Alimentos busca inversionistas para la construcción de una fábrica de productos 100% BIODEGRADABLES Y COMPOSTABLES
12/03/2020 - Russian manufacturer of modern medical waste disposal packages is looking for distributors
18/02/2020 - 3D printing of flexible electronic circuits and small objects made by advanced materials
12/02/2020 - Polish company seeks agents or distributors for low friction graphene-modified bearings seals / gaskets, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) encoder rings
03/02/2020 - Spanish SME that develops portable energy generation products seeks manufacturers
27/12/2019 - Extending the range of electric cars with advanced cooling and energy harvesting system
26/12/2019 - Macedonian company specialized in producing innovative composites manufacturing solutions is looking for distributors in the EU
26/12/2019 - UK manufacturer of specialist nuts and bolts is looking for distributors and licensees
03/12/2019 - High safety and customised monocoque camper manufacturing technology and products
12/11/2019 - Material-in-tube Wires for Additive Manufacturing (AM)
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