Innovative systems to prevent oil and plastic waste in rivers from entering the sea. An Italian company is looking for corporate investors with good capability in the industrialization and commercialization phases interested to exploit the patents

Summary: New innovative systems designed and developed by an Italian team, that prevent plastic waste and oil in rivers from entering the sea, whilst also allowing navigability and having no detrimental effect on river flora and fauna. As the projects are ready to enter the market, the company is now looking for industries working in the environmental sector and services interested to invest thought licensing agreement or investing in the industrialization and commercialization phases. Description Description: 

The Italian company was founded in 2008 and has decades of experience in the plastics sector.
In 2018, in an effort to combat the plastic waste problem, the company has developed an innovative system for the collection of plastic waste floating along watercourses.
The solution consists of a series of floating devices, positioned diagonally on the course of the river; thus positioned, they intercept plastic waste and transport it to the riverbank, in a special storage area.
Thanks to the water current, the waste is diverted from the modular barrier and brought to the appropriate collection point.
This system therefore does not require any other energy source and does not produce any kind of waste. Indeed, the system is designed to have a reduced impact on the eco-system: fauna and flora do not suffer stress from the system.
80% of the plastic in the oceans comes from rivers, and it's where it is easier and more effective to go to act.
The system is therefore an innovative, unique, and efficient with a low environmental impact solution, able to adapt to any watercourses.
Recently, the company proposes a new and innovative system to stop pollution from oils and other liquid pollutants in river waters. Parallel and integral to the plastic recovery system, it is designed to always allow navigability with the utmost respect for river flora and fauna.
The participation in or purchase of this project by private individuals certainly represents a profitable investment that aims at achieving a real change in current production paradigms whilst also generating an important economic return. For this purpose, the company is looking for an corporate investors already active in environmental market and services for the industrialization and commercialization phases or to license or purchase the patent and manage the business on their own.

Advantages & innovations Cooperation plus value: Current solutions on the market include boats with draft systems, net systems of barriers that temporarily close the river's viability. The systems developed by this company are highly innovative as they are the first designed to let boats through, thus allowing navigability, without any change of course for boats.Furthermore, the systems:- have zero impact on the environment, they do not interfere with the life of the fauna.- are totally self-powered, they work 24/7 without staff.- are 100% scalable, according to the needs of the river.Systems like these can act on the problem in almost total autonomy, producing extremely important results for the health of the planet with very high yield, minimum effort and zero impact on the ecosystem.The solutions have been designed and developed for different watercourses needs. The patents indeed include different kinds of floats, suitable for various ecological conditions. Stage of development Cooperation stage dev stage: Field tested/evaluated Partner sought Cooperation area: Since the project has been tested and is now ready to enter the market, the company is looking for cooperate investors interested to purchase the license of the patent or to invest in the industrialization and commercialization phases.In particular:- Foundations: willing to acquire the project and benefit from governmental/EU/international funds.- Multinational corporations: willing to finance a first installation to promote the project (in this case the ownership of the patent would remain with the company). The company gains publicity and public approval.- International companies, previously collaborating with public institutions, willing to buy the patent and then produce and install the system on a global scale. 1_plastic.gif video simulation 2_boat.gif designed to let boats through, thus allowing navigability, without any change of course for boats. 3_oil.gif oil recovery oil_plastic_device.png The two devices that make up the plastic and oil collection systems. test_river.png Field tests of prototypes have proved complete efficiency in the collection of plastic waste.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 768737


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