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15/01/2021 - A Bulgarian manufacturer of polyester staple fiber (PSF) seeks trade partners
07/01/2021 - Innovative systems to prevent oil and plastic waste in rivers from entering the sea. An Italian company is looking for corporate investors with good capability in the industrialization and commercialization phases interested to exploit the patents
07/01/2021 - Swedish web shop that sell home products and other accessories made out of recycled material / waste is looking for suppliers in the EU.
06/11/2020 - Italian company that produces ultra-pure cellulose of bacterial originuse usable in the fashion, design, furnishing, biomedical and cosmetic sectors is looking for distributors
02/10/2020 - High-performance tungsten containing nanopowders and polymer-based functional additives for industrial applications
17/08/2020 - Acceleration programme on industry 4.0 through an open innovation platform that connects startups with forefront companies in the advanced manufacturing, energy, healthcare and agri-food sectors.
17/08/2020 - Romanian SME specialised in providing integrated multi-material packaging services, is looking for a manufacturing or outsourcing agreements.
23/07/2020 - Novel air-conditioning hose system for aircraft cabin maintenance
04/06/2020 - A Polish company is looking for a partner interested in commercializing a technology for producing plasticizers/ softening compound with the use of plastic waste
02/06/2020 - Transformación de desechos biológicos urbanos en plástico biodegradable
02/06/2020 - Piezas de automóviles ligeras de origen vegetal para lograr una industria automovilística más ecológica
28/04/2020 - A Portuguese technological research centre offers its Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) – manufacturing technology for metal components
06/04/2020 - A Polish company from environmental protection sector is looking for distributors of anti-odor filters and oil separators
20/03/2020 - Russian manufacturer of a spare wheel fastener is looking for distributors
16/03/2020 - Empresa Comercializadora de Productos de Alta Tecnología y Alimentos busca inversionistas para la construcción de una fábrica de productos 100% BIODEGRADABLES Y COMPOSTABLES
12/03/2020 - Russian manufacturer of modern medical waste disposal packages is looking for distributors
18/02/2020 - 3D printing of flexible electronic circuits and small objects made by advanced materials
12/02/2020 - Polish company seeks agents or distributors for low friction graphene-modified bearings seals / gaskets, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) encoder rings
03/02/2020 - Spanish SME that develops portable energy generation products seeks manufacturers
27/12/2019 - Extending the range of electric cars with advanced cooling and energy harvesting system
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