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11/10/2018 - D5813 Standard Specification for Cured-In-Place Thermosetting Resin Sewer Piping Systems has been reapproved, available as D5813-04(2018)
14/08/2018 - ISO/TS 22687:2018 - Rubber -- Framework for assessing the environmental fate of tyre and road wear particles (TRWP)
16/05/2018 - D8134 Standard Guide for Conducting Internal Hydrostatic Pressure Tests on United Nations (UN) IBC Design Types is a new standard now available. D8134-18
12/04/2018 - F2825 Standard Practice for Climatic Stressing of Packaging Systems for Single Parcel Delivery has been revised to F2825-18
17/10/2017 - D7932 Standard Specification for Printed, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Labels for Use in Extreme Distribution Environments has been revised to D7932-17
29/09/2017 - D5028 Standard Test Method for Curing Properties of Pultrusion Resins by Thermal Analysis has been revised to D5028-17
15/09/2017 - F2896 Standard Specification for Reinforced Polyethylene Composite Pipe For The Transport Of Oil And Gas And Hazardous Liquids has been reapproved, available as F2896-11(2017)
31/07/2017 - ISO 20299-2:2017 - Film for wrapping rubber bales -- Part 2: Natural rubber
21/07/2017 - D4919 Standard Guide for Testing of Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods) Packagings has been reinstated as D4919-17
07/07/2017 - Plásticos. Poliestireno expandido (EPS). Cajas para el transporte de productos alimentarios. Características y métodos de ensayo.
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