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25/09/2020 - Biorefinery for the co-production of protein, hydrochar and additional co-products from a green seaweed Ulva sp. with subcritical water hydrolysis
25/09/2020 - The Way of Macroplastic through the Environment
25/09/2020 - Superior electrical, mechanical and viscoelastic properties of CNTs coated carbon textile reinforced phenolic composite for high?performance structural applications
24/09/2020 - Settling and rising velocities of environmentally weathered micro- and macroplastic particles
24/09/2020 - Synthesis and characterization of self-healable poly (acrylamide) hydrogel electrolytes and their application in fabrication of aqueous supercapacitors
24/09/2020 - Finite element modeling and fatigue life prediction of helicopter composite tail structure under multipoint coordinated loading spectrum
23/09/2020 - The influence of structural and charge transport properties of PEDOT:PSS layers on the photovoltaic properties of polymer solar cells
23/09/2020 - Strain Measurement on Cracks Using Fiber Bragg Gratings for Use in Aircraft Composite Skin Repairs
21/09/2020 - Anaerobic degradation of xenobiotic organic contaminants (XOCs): The role of electron flow and potential enhancing strategies
21/09/2020 - Manipulation of plasmon-induced hot electron transport in Pd/MoO3-x@ZIF-8: Boosting the activity of Pd-catalyzed nitroaromatic hydrogenation under visible-light irradiation
21/09/2020 - Optimization of the Surface Roughness Parameters of Ti–Al Intermetallic Based Composite Machined by Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
18/09/2020 - Graphene as a Schottky Barrier Contact to AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures
17/09/2020 - Insights into chemical composition, abatement mechanisms and regional transport of atmospheric pollutants in the Yangtze River Delta region, China during the COVID-19 outbreak control period
17/09/2020 - Microplastics in brown trout (Salmo trutta Linnaeus, 1758) from an Irish riverine system
17/09/2020 - Different surface charged plastic particles have different cotransport behaviors with kaolinite ?particles in porous media
17/09/2020 - Transportation noise exposure and anxiety: A systematic review and meta-analysis
17/09/2020 - Gradient Tomography of Jet Quenching in Heavy-Ion Collisions
17/09/2020 - Optimization of wheat?straw?extracted cellulose via response surface methodology and mechanical properties of its poly(lactide)?based biocomposites
17/09/2020 - Aircraft Pilots Workload Analysis: Heart Rate Variability Objective Measures and NASA-Task Load Index Subjective Evaluation
17/09/2020 - A green composite material of calcium phosphate cement matrix with additions of car tire waste particles
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