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05/04/2024 - Record?Efficiency Printable Hole?Conductor?Free Mesoscopic Perovskite Solar Cells Enabled by the Multifunctional Schiff Base Derivative
05/04/2024 - Effects of fluorene-9-bisphenol exposure on anxiety-like and social behavior in mice and protective potential of exogenous melatonin
05/04/2024 - Utilization of Waste-Expanded Thermoplastic as a Sustainable Filler for Cement-Based Composites for Greener Construction
05/04/2024 - Radiation and Radical Grafting Compatibilization of Polymers for Improved Bituminous Binders—A Review
05/04/2024 - Reutilization of Silicon-Cutting Waste via Constructing Multilayer Si@SiO2@C Composites as Anode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries
05/04/2024 - Spray-Coated MoO3 Hole Transport Layer for Inverted Organic Photovoltaics
05/04/2024 - Effect of Reheating Temperature on the Microstructure and Properties of Cu-Containing 440 MPa Grade Non-Tempered Ship Plate Steel
02/04/2024 - Simulation test of short-term and long-term clogging of permeable pavement
02/04/2024 - Measurement of Road Transport Emissions, Case Study: Centinela-La Rumorosa Road, Baja California, México
02/04/2024 - Generation and Characteristics of Construction Noise in Rail Transit Engineering Enclosure Structures
02/04/2024 - The Influence of Solar Ageing on the Compositions of Epoxy Resin with Natural Polyphenol Quercetin
02/04/2024 - A Sustainable Solution with Improved Chemical Resilience Using Repurposed Glass Fibers for Sewage Rehabilitation Pipes
02/04/2024 - Study on the Influence of Mining Stress on the Sustainable Utilization of Floor Roadway in Qinan Coal Mine
02/04/2024 - Application of plasma?activated silanized cellulose nanofibers in natural rubber composites
02/04/2024 - Dual Microcapsules Encapsulating Liquid Diamine and Isocyanate for Application in Self-Healing Coatings
02/04/2024 - Microstructure and Corrosion of Mg-Based Composites Produced from Custom-Made Powders of AZ31 and Ti6Al4V via Pulse Plasma Sintering
02/04/2024 - Route Risk Index for Autonomous Trucks
02/04/2024 - Chain?Like Semiconductive Fillers for Dielectric Enhancement and Loss Reduction of Polymer Composites
02/04/2024 - Evaluation of PET recyclability and characterization of modified reprocessed?PET for industrial application
02/04/2024 - Aerospace, Vol. 11, Pages 278: Virtual Full Scale Static Test of a Civil Tilt Rotor Composite Wing in Non-Linear Regime
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