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14/01/2022 - Probabilistic ultrasound C-scan imaging of barely visible impact damage in CFRP laminates
14/01/2022 - Novel chitosan-based nanocomposites as ecofriendly pesticide carriers: Synthesis, root rot inhibition and growth management of tomato plants
13/01/2022 - Comparing the impact of climate on dust accumulation and power generation of PV modules: A comprehensive review
12/01/2022 - The effects of Se/S ratio on the photoelectric properties of nitrogen -doped graphene quantum dots decorated CdSxSe1-x composites
12/01/2022 - Phase-field modeling of carbon fiber oxidation coupled with heat conduction
12/01/2022 - Haze management: is urban public transportation priority effective?
12/01/2022 - Ageing of PEEK/Carbon Fibre composite under electronic irradiations: Influence on mechanical behaviour and charge transport
12/01/2022 - A composite consisting of intermetallic Ni3Fe and nitrogen-doped carbon for electrocatalytic water oxidation: The effect of increased pyridinic nitrogen dopant
12/01/2022 - Minimum-mass optimisation for high-rate manufacture of damage tolerant and unbuckled composite components
11/01/2022 - Microwave-assisted synthesis of NiCo-LDH/graphene nanoscrolls composite for supercapacitor
11/01/2022 - Non-targeted metabolomics reveals the stress response of a cellulase-containing penicillium to uranium
11/01/2022 - Origins of black carbon from anthropogenic emissions and open biomass burning transported to Xishuangbanna, Southwest China
11/01/2022 - Influence of catastrophic flood on microplastics organization in surface water of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China
11/01/2022 - Fine particulate matter pollution characteristics and source apportionment of Changchun atmosphere
11/01/2022 - The Role of Nanowires in Advancing X-Ray Imaging
11/01/2022 - Promoting the thermal transport via understanding the intrinsic relation between thermal conductivity and interfacial contact probability in the polymeric composites with hybrid fillers
10/01/2022 - Predicting transient particle transport in periodic ventilation using Markov chain model with pre-stored transition probabilities
10/01/2022 - Ultrathin carbon interim layer encapsulation for constructing p ? n heterojunction photoanode towards photoelectrochemical water splitting
10/01/2022 - Sb(III) resistance mechanism and oxidation characteristics of Klebsiella aerogenes X
10/01/2022 - Nature-inspired poly(N-phenylglycine)/wood solar evaporation system for high-efficiency desalination and water purification
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