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27/03/2020 - Indigenous environmental justice and sustainability
27/03/2020 - A healthier environment is an unintended consequence of the coronavirus
26/03/2020 - Organizing mechanism-related information on chemical interactions using a framework based on the aggregate exposure and adverse outcome pathways
26/03/2020 - Modeling the three-dimensional transport and distribution of multiple microplastic polymer types in Lake Erie
26/03/2020 - Free and forced vibration analyses of simply supported Z-reinforced sandwich structures with cavities through a theoretical approach
25/03/2020 - Eucalyptus Kraft Lignin as an Additive Strongly Enhances the Mechanical Resistance of Tree-Leaf Pellets
25/03/2020 - Self-healing metal-enamel composite coating and its protection for TiAl alloy against oxidation under thermal shock in NaCl solution
25/03/2020 - Sulfide ions-induced release of biocides from a metal-phenolic supramolecular film fabricated on aluminum for inhibition of microbially influenced corrosion
25/03/2020 - A CrSi2-HfB2-SiC coating providing oxidation and ablation protection over 1973 K for SiC coated C/C composites
25/03/2020 - Effects of oxygen incorporation in low expansion Ni+CrAlYN nanocomposite coatings on the oxidation behavior
25/03/2020 - Oxidation resistance of SiCf/SiC composites with a PyC/SiC multilayer interface at 500 °C to 1100°C
24/03/2020 - Phase separation in swelling and deswelling hydrogels with a free boundary
23/03/2020 - Assessment of potentially toxic pollutants and urban livability in a typical resource-based city, China
23/03/2020 - Environmental concerns and switching toward electric vehicles: geographic and institutional perspectives
23/03/2020 - Knowledge about Microplastic in Mediterranean Tributary River Ecosystems: Lack of Data and Research Needs on Such a Crucial Marine Pollution Source
23/03/2020 - Effects of thermal degradation on polymer modified asphalt binders during storage and transportation
23/03/2020 - Fatigue performance assessment of recycled tire rubber modified asphalt mixtures using viscoelastic continuum damage analysis and AASHTOWare pavement ME design
20/03/2020 - Inverse Currents in Hamiltonian Coupled Transport
19/03/2020 - Corrigendum to “Effects of spark timing and methanol addition on combustion characteristics and emissions of dual-fuel engine fuelled with natural gas and methanol under lean-burn condition” [Energy Convers. Manage. 181 (2019) 519–527]
19/03/2020 - Selected Tribological Properties and Vibrations in the Base Resonance Zone of the Polymer Composite Used in the Aviation Industry
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