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24/09/2021 - Molecular Junctions Enhancing Thermal Transport within Graphene Polymer Nanocomposite: A Molecular Dynamics Study
24/09/2021 - Decomposition of carbon/phenolic composites for aerospace heatshields: Detailed speciation of phenolic resin pyrolysis products
23/09/2021 - Two-dimensional conjugated aromatic polymer as a promising anchoring material for lithium-sulfur batteries
23/09/2021 - Regional carbon drawdown with enhanced weathering of non-hazardous industrial wastes
23/09/2021 - Innovation in Aircraft Cabin Interior Panels Part I: Technical Assessment on Replacing the Honeycomb with Structural Foams and Evaluation of Optimal Curing of Prepreg Fiberglass
23/09/2021 - Influence of Tire Rubber Particles Addition in Different Branching Degrees Polyethylene Matrix Composites on Physical and Structural Behavior
22/09/2021 - Mountain streams flushing litter to the sea – Andean rivers as conduits for plastic pollution
22/09/2021 - Atmospheric ammonia and its effect on PM2.5 pollution in urban Chengdu, Sichuan Basin, China
22/09/2021 - Enhanced Tribological Properties of Vulcanized Natural Rubber Composites by Applications of Carbon Nanotube: A Molecular Dynamics Study
22/09/2021 - WS2–WC–WO3 nano-hollow spheres as an efficient and durable catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
22/09/2021 - Recycled Tire Rubber in Additive Manufacturing: Selective Laser Sintering for Polymer-Ground Rubber Composites
21/09/2021 - Aerodynamic analysis of hospital ventilation according to seasonal variations. A simulation approach to prevent airborne viral transmission pathway during Covid-19 pandemic
21/09/2021 - Effective bending modulus of thin-ply composites with non-uniform fibre spacing
20/09/2021 - Do driving restriction policies effectively alleviate smog pollution in China?
20/09/2021 - Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance by Surface Engineering in SnTe-PbS Nanocomposites
20/09/2021 - Experimental Validation for the Performance of MR Damper Aircraft Landing Gear
17/09/2021 - Aircraft Trajectory Clustering in Terminal Airspace Based on Deep Autoencoder and Gaussian Mixture Model
16/09/2021 - On the emergence of a health-pollutant-climate nexus in the wake of a global pandemic
16/09/2021 - Prediction of Aircraft Noise Impact with Application to Hong Kong International Airport
16/09/2021 - Advanced Electron Microscopy of Nanophased Synthetic Polymers and Soft Complexes for Energy and Medicine Applications
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