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29/09/2023 - Understanding the phenomenon of saltwater intrusion sourced from desalination plants at coastal aquifers
29/09/2023 - Aerospace, Vol. 10, Pages 847: A STAM Model Based on Spatiotemporal Airspace Sector Interdependencies to Minimize Tactical Flow Management Regulations
29/09/2023 - A Self-Healing Thermoset Epoxy Modulated by Dynamic Boronic Ester for Powder Coating
29/09/2023 - Microstructural and Tribological Characteristics of Composites Obtained by Detonation Spraying of Iron-Based Alloy—Carbide Powder Mixtures
29/09/2023 - Dry Friction and Wear Behavior of Laser-Sintered Graphite/Carbon Fiber/Polyamide 12 Composite
29/09/2023 - Thin-Film Composite Membrane with Porous Interlayer Composed of Dendritic Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Enhanced Nanofiltration
29/09/2023 - Molecular Dynamics Investigation of the Effect of Shear during Extrusion on the Permeation Behavior of CH4 in High-Density Polyethylene
29/09/2023 - Experimental investigation of the enhancement of delamination resistance in glass/epoxy curved laminates
26/09/2023 - Consolidating Port Decarbonisation Implementation: Concept, Pathways, Barriers, Solutions, and Opportunities
26/09/2023 - Thermoplastic Electromagnetic Shielding Materials from the Integral Recycling of Waste from Electronic Equipment
26/09/2023 - Comparison of Repair Methods for Cracked Titanium Alloy Aircraft Structures with Single-Sided Adhesively Bonded Composite Patches
26/09/2023 - Advanced Composite Materials for Structure Strengthening and Resilience Improvement
26/09/2023 - Influences of Rotational Speed on Friction Stir Welding Quality, Mechanical and Fatigue Behaviour of AA6061/SiC Composite
26/09/2023 - Understanding significantly reinforced polymethyl methacrylate composites induced by two?dimensional Tin+1Cn from an atomistic perspective
22/09/2023 - New Molecular Design, Step?Saving Synthesis, and Applications of Indolocarbazole Core?Based Oligo(hetero)arenes
22/09/2023 - The Impacts of Households on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Indonesia
22/09/2023 - Platooning Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control for Dynamic Performance and Energy Saving: A Comparative Study of Linear Quadratic and Reinforcement Learning-Based Controllers
22/09/2023 - An Experimental Approach to Determining the Average Diffusion Coefficient of Volatile Components in Polymer Waste Materials
22/09/2023 - Global population exposure to landscape fire air pollution from 2000 to 2019
22/09/2023 - Antifragile, sustainable, and agile supply chain network design by considering resiliency, robustness, risk, and environmental requirements
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