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22/01/2021 - The Impact of Ground Tire Rubber Oxidation with H2O2 and KMnO4 on the Structure and Performance of Flexible Polyurethane/Ground Tire Rubber Composite Foams
22/01/2021 - Ultrasonic Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes on Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride Composites
21/01/2021 - Estimate of nutrient sources and transport into Bohai Bay in China from a lower plain urban watershed using a SPARROW model
21/01/2021 - Oceanographic factors of oil pollution dispersion offshore the Nile Delta (Egypt) using GIS
21/01/2021 - Crashworthiness analysis of perforated metal/composite thin?walled structures under axial and oblique loading
21/01/2021 - Embodied CO2 Reduction Effects of Composite Precast Concrete Frame for Heavily Loaded Long-Span Logistics Buildings
21/01/2021 - Effect of chain extrender on the compatibility, mechanical and gas barrier properties of poly(butylene adipate?co?terephthalate)/poly(propylene carbonate) bio?composites
20/01/2021 - Ageing properties of a polyoxymethylene copolymer exposed to (bio) diesel and hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) in demanding high temperature conditions
20/01/2021 - Using Recycled Material from the Paper Industry as a Backfill Material for Retaining Walls near Railway Lines
19/01/2021 - Transboundary transport of ozone pollution to a US border region: A case study of Yuma
19/01/2021 - Optimization of Parameters to Improve the Properties of AA7178/Si 3 N 4 Composites Employing Taguchi Approach
18/01/2021 - Heavy metal adsorption capacity of powdered Chlorella vulgaris biosorbent: effect of chemical modification and growth media
18/01/2021 - Fibre-Reinforced Geopolymer Concretes for Sensible Heat Thermal Energy Storage: Simulations and Environmental Impact
18/01/2021 - Threshold Heat-Flux Reduction by Near-Resonant Energy Transfer
18/01/2021 - Theoretical, emulation and experimental analysis on auxetic re-entrant octagonal honeycombs and its applications on pedestrian protection of engine hood
18/01/2021 - Development of thermally conductive and high?specific strength polypropylene composites for thermal management applications in automotive
15/01/2021 - Evaluating Sustainable Development by Composite Index: Evidence from French Departments
15/01/2021 - Effect of carbon nanotubes on mechanical performance and thermal stability of recyclable thermosets poly(hexahydrotriazine)s-based composites
14/01/2021 - Anomalous enhanced water diffusion in polysaccharide interpenetrating hydrogels
14/01/2021 - Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Port Regions: MCDM Approach in Composite Index Creation
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