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10/07/2020 - Selective Permeation of Water through Angstrom?Channel Graphene Membranes for Bioethanol Concentration
10/07/2020 - The influence of energy policy on charcoal consumption in urban households in Tanzania
10/07/2020 - Flow enhancement in liquid composite molding processes by online microwave resin preheating
10/07/2020 - Premixed cellulose nanocrystal reinforcement of polyamide 6 for melt processing
09/07/2020 - Thermoelectric Transport in a Three-Channel Charge Kondo Circuit
09/07/2020 - Performance of Notched Connectors for CLT-Concrete Composite Floors
09/07/2020 - Fracture mechanism of adhesive single-lap joints with composite adherends under quasi-static tension
07/07/2020 - Ionic Transport Properties of P2O5-SiO2 Glassy Protonic Composites Doped with Polymer and Inorganic Titanium-based Fillers
06/07/2020 - Preparation, Sinterability, Electrical Transport and Thermal Expansion of Perovskite-Type La0.8Ca0.2CrO3 Composites
06/07/2020 - Monomer release from direct and indirect adhesive restorations: A comparative in vitro study
06/07/2020 - A Lean Satellite Electrical Power System with Direct Energy Transfer and Bus Voltage Regulation Based on a Bi-Directional Buck Converter
03/07/2020 - Development of a fate and transport model for biodegradation of PBDE congeners in sediments
03/07/2020 - Effects of a century of mining and industrial production on metal contamination of a model saline ecosystem, Great Salt Lake, Utah
03/07/2020 - Major air pollutants seasonal variation analysis and long-range transport of PM 10 in an urban environment with specific climate condition in Transylvania (Romania)
02/07/2020 - Process induced deformations in composite sandwich panels using an in-homogeneous layup design
02/07/2020 - Melt impregnation of woven glass fabric reinforced composites in situ modified with short glass fibers in the interlaminar free spacing: Morphology, microstructure and static mechanical properties
01/07/2020 - Synthesis and Characterization of a NiCo2O4@NiCo2O4 Hierarchical Mesoporous Nanoflake Electrode for Supercapacitor Applications
01/07/2020 - Structure and Doping Optimization of IDT-Based Copolymers for Thermoelectrics
01/07/2020 - Bio-Based Poly(butylene succinate)/Microcrystalline Cellulose/Nanofibrillated Cellulose-Based Sustainable Polymer Composites: Thermo-Mechanical and Biodegradation Studies
01/07/2020 - [ASAP] Chemically Controllable Porous Polymer–Nanocrystal Composites with Hierarchical Arrangement Show Substrate Transport Selectivity
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