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02/12/2022 - Acoustic Properties of Aerogels: Current Status and Prospects
02/12/2022 - Controllable synthesis of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks and the peanut shell carbon composite for sensitive and selective detection of Pb2+ and Cd2+ ions
02/12/2022 - Transcriptome profiling of Microbacterium resistens MZT7 reveals mechanisms of 17?-estradiol response and biotransformation
02/12/2022 - Mass Transport of Dye Solutions through Porous Membrane Containing Tannic Acid/Fe3+ Selective Layer
02/12/2022 - Dynamics of Sediment Transport in the Teles Pires River Basin in the Cerrado-Amazon, Brazil
02/12/2022 - Finite element modeling of the bending and vibration behavior of three-layer composite plates with a crack in the core layer
02/12/2022 - Pitting Performance of Cold- and Hot-Rolled Nickel-Saving High-Strength Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steel
01/12/2022 - Highly conductive quasi-defect-free reduced graphene oxide for qualitative scalable production
01/12/2022 - Effective degradation of ciprofloxacin and Cr (VI) by surface plasmon resonance induced photocatalyst Ag (0)/BiVO4@SiO2: Performance and mechanism
01/12/2022 - Limiting Conditions for Droplet Fragmentation of Stabilized Suspension Fuels
01/12/2022 - The Importance of Robust Datasets to Assess Urban Accessibility: A Comparable Study in the Distrito Tec, Monterrey, Mexico, and the Stanford District, San Francisco Bay Area, USA
01/12/2022 - Emerging Trends in Porogens toward Material Fabrication: Recent Progresses and Challenges
01/12/2022 - Undecaprenyl phosphate translocases confer conditional microbial fitness
01/12/2022 - Solvent polarity impacts the sorption kinetics and tensile properties of carbon black filled elastomers
01/12/2022 - Multi-scale analysis of compressive behavior of 3D five-directional braided composites after thermal oxygen aging: Experimentally validated theoretical and numerical models
01/12/2022 - On the influence of rectangular Z-pins parameters on mode II delamination resistance of through the thickness reinforced composites
30/11/2022 - Enhanced photodetection properties of GO incorporated flexible PVDF membranes under solar spectrum
30/11/2022 - Modelling of marine debris pathways into UK waters: Example of non-native crustaceans transported across the Atlantic Ocean on floating marine debris
30/11/2022 - Chromate-Free Corrosion Protection Strategies for Magnesium Alloys—A Review: Part II—PEO and Anodizing
30/11/2022 - The Influence of the Use of Technological Waste and the Simulation of Material Lifetime on the Unnotched Impact Strength of Two Different Polymer Composites
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