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13/05/2022 - Energy-based nonlinear adaptive control for collaborative transportation systems
13/05/2022 - Insights into multidimensional transport flux from vertical observation and numerical simulation in two cities in North China
13/05/2022 - Slippery surface with honeycomb structures for enhancing chemical durability of aluminum
12/05/2022 - VS2 wrapped Si nanowires as core-shell heterostructure photocathode for highly efficient photoelectrochemical water reduction performance
12/05/2022 - Nonlinear regression using Gaussian-Lorentzian functions to empirical modeling of convective-diffusive chloride transport in concrete
12/05/2022 - Metal contamination in soils and windowsill dusts: implication of multiple sources on dust metal accumulation within a city affected by Pb smelting
12/05/2022 - IoT technologies in smart environment: security issues and future enhancements
12/05/2022 - The impacts of charge transfer, localization, and metallicity on hydrogen retention and transport capacity
11/05/2022 - Reflectivity and emissivity analysis of thermoplastic CFRP for optimising Xenon heating and thermographic measurements
10/05/2022 - Shipping the sunshine: An open-source model for costing renewable hydrogen transport from Australia
09/05/2022 - Analysis and characterization of novel fluorinated compounds used in surface treatments products
09/05/2022 - Moisture transport in laminated wood and bamboo composites bonded with thin adhesive layers – A numerical study
09/05/2022 - ALGLIQOL: A two stage integrated process towards synthesis of renewable transportation fuel via catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction of lipid enriched microalgae biomass and distillation
09/05/2022 - Techno-economic analysis and Monte Carlo simulation for green hydrogen production using offshore wind power plant
09/05/2022 - Environmental effects on perishable product quality and trading under OBOR supply chain different route scenarios
09/05/2022 - An empirical study on intention to use hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in India
09/05/2022 - Interfacial design of nanocellulose/boron nitride nanosheets composites via calcium ion cross-linking for enhanced thermal conductivity and mechanical robustness
09/05/2022 - Effect of moisture content on hygrothermal properties: Comparison between pith and hemp shiv composites and other construction materials
09/05/2022 - Non-destructive damage localization in built-up composite aerospace structures by ultrasonic guided-wave multiple-output scanning
09/05/2022 - Performance and design of steel structures reinforced with FRP composites: A state-of-the-art review
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