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06/05/2022 - Influence of various additives on stability and phase change characteristics of DI water-GnP-based NFPCM for cold thermal energy storage systems
06/05/2022 - Carbon footprint analysis of straw collection, transportation, and storage system for power generation in China based on emergy evaluation
06/05/2022 - Cr3+ incorporation into an Al3+ Keggin-type oligomer to form the Al25.7Cr6.3S216+ polycation
04/05/2022 - Crowning Lithium Ions in Hole?Transport Layer toward Stable Perovskite Solar Cells
04/05/2022 - A lithiophilic hyperbranched polymer-decorated three-dimensional carbon skeleton boosting highly reversible lithium metal anode
04/05/2022 - Air Quality during the COVID–19 Lockdown and Unlock Periods in India Analyzed Using Satellite and Ground-based Measurements
04/05/2022 - Copaiba oil and vegetal tannin as functionalizing agents for açai nanofibril films: valorization of forest wastes from Amazonia
04/05/2022 - Impact of coal rents, transportation, electricity consumption, and economic globalization on ecological footprint in the USA
04/05/2022 - Accurate structural displacement monitoring by data fusion of a consumer-grade camera and accelerometers
04/05/2022 - High Temperature Resistant, Mechanically Stable FeCrNiAl/Al2O3 Thermal Sprayed Thick Ceramic Coatings for Stealth Applications over X?Band
02/05/2022 - Plasmonic Pt nanoparticles triggered efficient charge separation in TiO2/GaN NRs hybrid heterojunction for the high performance self-powered UV photodetectors
02/05/2022 - Ion dynamics and positron annihilation studies on polymer ceramic composite electrolyte system (PVA/NaClO4/Y2O3): Application in electrochemical devices
02/05/2022 - Anisotropically enhancing thermal conductivity of epoxy composite with a low filler load by an AlN/C fiber skeleton
02/05/2022 - Higher spreading risk of antibacterial biocide and heavy metal resistance genes than antibiotic resistance genes in aerobic granular sludge
02/05/2022 - Damage monitoring of carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites using acoustic emission technique and deep learning
02/05/2022 - Impact resistant basalt fiber-reinforced aluminum laminate with Janus helical structures inspired by lobster and mantis shrimp
29/04/2022 - Revisiting the environment effect on mass transfer for heterogenized Ru6Pd8 metal?organic cage photocatalyst confined within 3D matrix
29/04/2022 - Janus Co@C/NCNT photothermal membrane with multiple optical absorption for highly efficient solar water evaporation and wastewater purification
29/04/2022 - Carbon-Based Nanomaterials in Agriculture
28/04/2022 - Role of heavy metals (copper (Cu), arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), iron (Fe) and lithium (Li)) induced neurotoxicity
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