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30/11/2022 - Single graphene nanopore for biomimetic ion channel via tunably voltage-modulated ion transport
30/11/2022 - 2D graphene oxide and MXene nanosheets at carbon fiber surfaces
30/11/2022 - Impact of Shredded Rubber Waste (SRW) on the Range of Elastic Work of Road Construction Mixtures Containing Industrial Waste Bound with a Binder
30/11/2022 - A Comprehensive Review of Self-Healing Polymer, Metal, and Ceramic Matrix Composites and Their Modeling Aspects for Aerospace Applications
30/11/2022 - Dodecenyl succinic???cyclodextrin with high degree of substitution: Synthesis, characterization and evaluation
30/11/2022 - Failure Propagation Controlling for Frangible Composite Canister Design
29/11/2022 - Compression Relaxation of Multi-Structure Polymer Composites in Penetrating Liquid Medium
29/11/2022 - Easy, Fast Self-Heating Polyurethane Nanocomposite with the Introduction of Thermally Annealed Carbon Nanotubes Using Near-Infrared Lased Irradiation
29/11/2022 - Assessment of the Synergetic Performance of Nanostructured CeO2-SnO2/Al2O3 Mixed Oxides on Automobile Exhaust Control
28/11/2022 - Environmental impact assessment of alkali-activated materials: Examining impacts of variability in constituent production processes and transportation
28/11/2022 - Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomus mosseae) and elevated air temperature on Cd migration in the rhizosphere soil of alfalfa
28/11/2022 - Occurrence and distribution of legacy and emerging pollutants including plastic debris in Antarctica: Sources, distribution and impact on marine biodiversity
28/11/2022 - Electrospinning-assisted construction of 3D LiFePO4@rGO/carbon nanofibers as flexible cathode to boost the rate capabilities of lithium-ion batteries
28/11/2022 - Preparation of activated carbon with heavy fraction of bio-oil from rape straw pyrolysis as carbon source and its performance in the aldol condensation for aviation fuel as carrier
28/11/2022 - Controlled design of Na–P1 zeolite/ porous carbon composites from coal gasification fine slag for high-performance adsorbent
25/11/2022 - Fibrillization of Non?Fullerene Acceptors Enables 19% Efficiency Pseudo?Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells
25/11/2022 - Role of carbon quantum dots in a strategic approach to prepare pristine Zn2SnO4 and enhance photocatalytic activity under direct sunlight
25/11/2022 - The Variation of Riverine Heavy Metal Flux Using RUSLE Model in the Ranau Sub-basins, Malaysia. Adjacent to Ultrabasic Soil
25/11/2022 - Evaluation of urban tree barks as bioindicators of environmental pollution using the X-ray fluorescence technique
25/11/2022 - Effect of Phase Heterogeneity on the Properties of Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Based Composite Pervaporation Membranes
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