A French waste management company is looking in selected EU countries for buyers of the processed recycled bio and non-bio raw materials in Europe.

Summary: The French startup intends to collect, sort and recycle the waste of professionals in Corsica.As bio-waste is managed on the platform, the company is looking for buyers of recycled raw materials (paper, plastic, glass, iron and aluminium). These materials may be processed by the startup (crushed, pulverized..) according to the buyers' specifications. They are looking for commercial agency or distribution services agreements related to Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Germany. Description Description: 

As in most parts of the world, recycling and waste treatment are now priority issues. In Corsica, the region of France where this startup comes from, the situation has become a very big topic of discussion in recent years. Indeed, being an island welcoming a large mass of tourists, the waste situation is critical and Corsica is in agony. Its two landfill sites are at saturation point and several plans have since appeared, such as the transport of raw waste to France for example. Proposals that do not satisfy everyone because they displace the problem without solving it. This is why the startup was born and will start its activities in January 2021. It intends to focus on the collection of waste from professionals by managing 5 streams separately:
- Paper / Cardboard
- Plastic
- Glass
- Metals
- Bio-waste.

Plastic cans and bottles will be refundable. Bio-waste will be treated on an experimental composting platform according to the Bokashi principle:
- Amendment NFU 42-001 and Fertilizer NF U 44-051.
- Hygienisation by micro-organisms
- Health regulations for SPAn C3 (CE n°1069/2009)
The startup is therefore looking for buyers for recycled raw materials (paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, iron and aluminium) that are not processed by themselves. These materials may be processed (crushed, ground, pulverised, etc.) according to the buyers' specifications. They are also looking for purchasers of fertilisers or standardised soil improvers resulting from the treatment of food waste using the Bokashi principle. As this offer is a search for customers, this partnership will be in the framework of distribution services or commercial agency agreements.

Advantages & innovations Cooperation plus value: Due to its main will to carry out environmental actions, the startup constitutes in itself an ethical and sustainable advantage for its partners.By collecting waste directly from professionals, the company's mission and ambition is to develop the circular economy.The startup also intends to defend and develop the social and solidarity economy with 55% of its qualified employees being disabled workers.The company plans to treat other waste paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, iron and aluminium in order to recover them as much as possible.Examples of possible treatments: - Shattered glass used in the manufacture of aggregates- Powder coated glass mixes or concrete- Ball reduced glass for swimming pool filter- Shredded plastic- Etc .... Stage of development Cooperation stage dev stage: Proposal under development Partner sought Cooperation area: The partners we are looking for European manufacturers buying and using recycled raw materials (paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, iron and aluminium) or fertilisers and are interested in those proposed by the company (around 20 tonnes per month for all waste with a linear increase of around 5t per year).With commercial agency or distribution services agreement, the company will find their clients.The country targeted are Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. Type and size Cooperation task: SME 11-50,SME 500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500 Dissemination Dissemination sector group :  Dissemination preferred : Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 768737


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