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23/06/2022 - Bioreducible polyethylenimine core–shell nanostructures as efficient and non-toxic gene and drug delivery vectors
23/06/2022 - Integrating Geographic Information System network analysis and nighttime light satellite imagery to optimize landfill regionalization on a regional level
23/06/2022 - A strategic scheme for partnership supply networks focusing on green multi-agent transportations: a game theory approach
23/06/2022 - Activated Corrosion Products Evaluations for Occupational Dose Mitigation in Nuclear Fusion Facilities
23/06/2022 - Electrochemical Behavior of Nanoporous Gold/Polypyrrole Supercapacitor under Deformation
23/06/2022 - Asymmetric pore windows in MOF membranes for natural gas valorization
23/06/2022 - Engineering topological states in atom-based semiconductor quantum dots
23/06/2022 - Can urban rail transit reduce haze pollution? A spatial difference-in-differences approach
23/06/2022 - Multisensory Systems Based on Perfluorosulfonic Acid Membranes Modified with Polyaniline and PEDOT for Multicomponent Analysis of Sulfacetamide Pharmaceuticals
23/06/2022 - Repair of damage in pipes using bonded GFRP patches
22/06/2022 - Ni embedded carbon nanofibers/ Ni-Al LDHs with multicomponent synergy for hybrid supercapacitor electrodes
22/06/2022 - New insight into bonding energy and stress distribution of graphene oxide/hexagonal boron nitride: Functional group and grain boundary effect
22/06/2022 - Insight into the effect of phosphate on ferrihydrite colloid-mediated transport of tetracycline in saturated porous media
22/06/2022 - Hierarchical and Heterogeneous Porosity Construction and Nitrogen Doping Enabling Flexible Carbon Nanofiber Anodes with High Performance for Lithium-Ion Batteries
22/06/2022 - Environmental and Economic Life-Cycle Assessments of Household Food Waste Management Systems: A Comparative Review of Methodology and Research Progress
22/06/2022 - Internally enhanced conductive 3D porous hierarchical biochar framework for lithium sulfur battery
21/06/2022 - A framework for the replacement analysis of a hydrogen-based polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell technology on board ships: A step towards decarbonization in the maritime sector
21/06/2022 - Life Cycle Environmental Impact of Underground Plastic Recharge Chambers in Stormwater Management
21/06/2022 - In Situ Decoration of ZnSnO3 Nanosheets on the Surface of Hollow Zn2SnO4 Octahedrons for Enhanced Solar Energy Application
20/06/2022 - A novel and facile synthesis of Ag-doped TiO2 nanofiber for airborne virus/bacteria inactivation and VOC elimination under visible light
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