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23/05/2023 - Composite Fault Diagnosis of Aviation Generator Based on EnFWA-DBN
23/05/2023 - Morphology and Composition of the Third Body on the Friction Surface of an Organic Composite Railway Brake Shoe
23/05/2023 - Effect of the Laying Order of Core Layer Materials on the Sound-Insulation Performance of High-Speed Train Carbody
23/05/2023 - A Flexible Lithium-Ion-Conducting Membrane with Highly Loaded Titanium Oxide Nanoparticles to Promote Charge Transfer for Lithium–Air Battery
23/05/2023 - Aerospace, Vol. 10, Pages 483: Using Catalyst Mass-Based Clustering Analysis to Identify Adverse Events during Approach
23/05/2023 - Nanoimprint Mold Consisting of an Adhesive Lap Joint between a Nanopatterned Metal Sleeve and a Carbon Composite Roll
23/05/2023 - Mechanical and thermal properties of polyamide?6 nanocomposites reinforced by graphene oxide with low loading by double extrusion method
19/05/2023 - Assessment of Intrinsic Vulnerability Using DRASTIC vs. Actual Nitrate Pollution: The Case of a Detrital Aquifer Impacted by Intensive Agriculture in Cádiz (Southern Spain)
19/05/2023 - Investigating the Effects of Concrete Mix Design on the Environmental Impacts of Reinforced Concrete Structures
19/05/2023 - Mechanical Characterization of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Polymeric Resin and Thixotropic Filler as a Substitute for Bitumen
19/05/2023 - NbSe2 Crystals Growth by Bromine Transport
19/05/2023 - Fate and Impacts of Microplastics in the Environment: Hydrosphere, Pedosphere, and Atmosphere
19/05/2023 - Impacts of Nanobubbles in Pore Water on Heavy Metal Pollutant Release from Contaminated Soil Columns
19/05/2023 - Lignin from Brewers’ Spent Grain: Structural and Thermal Evaluations
19/05/2023 - Direct Integration of Perovskite Solar Cells with Carbon Fiber Substrates
19/05/2023 - Detection and Characterization of Artificial Porosity and Impact Damage in Aerospace Carbon Fiber Composites by Pulsed and Line Scan Thermography
19/05/2023 - Using Nano-Fluids Minimum Quantity Lubrication (NF-MQL) to Improve Tool Wear Characteristics for Efficient Machining of CFRP/Ti6Al4V Aeronautical Structural Composite
19/05/2023 - Synthesis of microcrystalline cellulose from abaca nonfluorescent flower pistil and its twill weaved fiber?polyester composites: Viscoelastic, fatigue, and mechanical properties
19/05/2023 - Cyclic Testing of Polymer Composites and Textile Cords for Tires
19/05/2023 - Compressive Damage and Failure Behavior of Plain-Woven GFRP Sandwich Composite L-Joints of Ships: Experiment and Simulation
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