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04/08/2022 - Ultrasonic passivated hematite photoanode with efficient hole transfer pathway for enhanced photoelectrochemical water oxidation
04/08/2022 - Aerospace, Vol. 9, Pages 422: Numerical Study of the Ratio of Depth-to-Print Diameter on the Performance and Flow Characteristics for a Dimpled, Highly Loaded Compressor Cascade
04/08/2022 - Multiple Exciton Generation in 3D-Ordered Networks of Ge Quantum Wires in Alumina Matrix
04/08/2022 - Study on compression characteristics of honeycomb sandwich structure with multistage carbon fiber reinforced composites
04/08/2022 - Fatigue, fracture toughness and DMA of biosilica toughened epoxy with stacked okra fiber and Al 2024?T3 fiber metal laminate composite
04/08/2022 - Composite Norland Optical Adhesive (NOA)/silicon flow focusing devices for colloidal particle manipulation and synthesis
04/08/2022 - Effect of surface treatment on the performance of composite?composite and composite?metal adhesive joints
04/08/2022 - Synergistic effect of alkali and silane treatment on mechanical, flammability, and thermal degradation of hemp fiber/epoxy composite
04/08/2022 - Advanced 3D woven profile structures and their composites for automotive applications
03/08/2022 - In-situ directly anchored CoMoS4 particles on reduced graphene oxide nanosheets for the high-efficiency asymmetric supercapacitor
03/08/2022 - Characteristics and health impacts of PM2.5-bound PCDD/Fs in three Asian countries
03/08/2022 - Experimental Study on the Optimization of Coal-Based Solid Waste Filling Slurry Ratio Based on the Response Surface Method
03/08/2022 - Investigations of structure strength and ventilation performance for agriproduct corrugated cartons under long?term transportation trip
03/08/2022 - Structure, Properties and Phase Composition of Composite Materials Based on the System NiTi-TiB2
03/08/2022 - Flake Graphene as an Efficient Agent Governing Cellular Fate and Antimicrobial Properties of Fibrous Tissue Engineering Scaffolds—A Review
03/08/2022 - Two-Stage and Two-Channel Attention Single Image Deraining Network for Promoting Ship Detection in Visual Perception System
02/08/2022 - Construction of CaTiO3 nanosheets with boron nitride quantum dots as effective photogenerated hole extractor for boosting photocatalytic performance under simulated sunlight
02/08/2022 - Binder-less fabrication, some surface studies, and enhanced electrochemical performance of Co, Cu-embedded MnO2 thin film electrodes for supercapacitor application
02/08/2022 - The Characteristics of PM2.5 and PM10 and Elemental Carbon Air Pollution in Sevastopol, Crimean Peninsula
02/08/2022 - P-type electrical contacts for two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides
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