The effects of Se/S ratio on the photoelectric properties of nitrogen -doped graphene quantum dots decorated CdSxSe1-x composites

In the work, CdSxSe1-x/N-GQDs composites were fabricated via a simple one-step hydrothermal process and their tunable composition, structure and photoelectric properties were characterized by various techniques. The photoelectric properties of CdSxSe1-x/N-GQDs could be adjusted by different Se/S ratios and tunable band-gaps. CdSxSe1-x/N-GQDs composites reached the optimal photocurrent response and the lowest interfacial impedance at the Se/S ratio of 0.75:0.25. Mott-Schottky plots and LSV spectra showed that the n-type CdS0.25Se0.75/N-GQDs presented a higher carrier density under light illumination. The excellent properties of the composites could be attributed to the mechanism involved in the excitation and electron-transfer process. On one hand, the band-gap of CdS0.25Se0.75/N-GQDs was narrowed, and more electrons were excited by the lower band-gap energy to promote a superior electron separation and transportation. On the other hand, N-GQDs acted as charge carriers and conductive way providers for electron-transfer instead of electron-hole recombination in the composites.

» Author: Yun Lei, Beibei Du, Peng Du, Yuncui Wu, Yongqin Wang, Can Li, Linhui Luo, Bingsuo Zou

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 768737


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