High Temperature Resistant, Mechanically Stable FeCrNiAl/Al2O3 Thermal Sprayed Thick Ceramic Coatings for Stealth Applications over X?Band

To avoid Radar detection during tactical operations, engine exhaust zones of aircrafts are difficult to treat with rubber/resin based stealth coatings, due to their thermal & mechanical instability at high temperature (>1000ºC). Further, monolithic fabrication of thick ceramic coatings without any crack/rupture and stability of functional fillers at such high temperatures are additional challenge in the development. To overcome these difficulties, for the first time FeCrNiAl/Al2O3 thick ceramic composite coatings have been developed with excellent Radar/microwave absorbing capability and good mechanical strength on Titanium alloy substrate using in?house developed gas flame spraying apparatus, without any crack or deformations. The 50 wt% FeCrNiAl /Al2O3 ceramic coating is found to be having excellent Reflection Loss (RL) > ?20 dB (99% microwave absorption) over X?band (8.2?12.4 GHz) frequencies with capability of tuning the absorption frequency at different thicknesses, while maintaining the RL values. This coating is having tensile strength of more than 23 MPa, which may be advantageous for prolonged use on aircraft surfaces.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

» Author: Aliaksandr Phyodorovich Ilyushchanka, Sergey G. Baray, Andrey I. Letsko, Tatyana L. Talako, Yauheni D. Manoila, Yojana Janu, Virendra Singh Chauhan, Manoj Kumar Patra, Lokesh Saini

» Publication Date: 03/05/2022

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 768737


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